During the week preceding The Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series 2016-17, Chandigarh, I, started this blog.

It was called http://www.onthesidelinesofgpcseriesindia2017.wordpress.com. On 04.11.2017, the name of this blog was changed to http://www.indianmediationlaw.wordpress.com.

I posed some difficult questions surrounding mediation in India, including the differences between mediation and conciliation in India. In a series of 4 articles, this being the fourth article, I went on to explore answers to such questions.

By the time The Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series 2016-17, Chandigarh concluded, it appeared that a much-needed context has been given to understand the distinction between mediation and conciliation in India, in terms of:

1. They being processes.

2. The extent of the intervention of the mediator and the conciliator.

3. The manner of enforcing the outcomes of mediation and conciliation.

However, the questions posed are far from losing their bite.

I believe that the annihilation of these questions is essential to take mediation to greater heights in India. The aspiration of this blog is to strive to perform the function of a platform, to:

1. Identify why mediation has not become more popular in India. 

2. Facilitate the formulation of a strategy to give an impetus to mediation in India. 

On this note, I flung open this blog to the public at large, to put its views on mediation, share its views on the questions already posed, question my answers, pose more questions and a lot more.

Arjun Natarajan, Founder & Publishing Editor


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